07/09/23 Shake and Brake Recon 3

Saturday, 7/9/23 – Chainbuster Shake N Brake Recon 3

Chainbuster Shake N Brake Recon 3 dealt out it’s punishment on 13 brave souls who showed up to scope out a route suggestion. I’m wondering if the unlucky number was responsible for taking out Jason’s crank at mile 35. We had a great mix of folks from Birmingham, Anniston and Georgia who had a great adventure together.

As far as the route goes, it was a little more challenging than the second recon, but maybe that was my choice to bring the mountain bike. I had thought after riding my gravel bike last time that the benefits of a gravel bike vs a mtb might be a wash. It was definitely a blast bombing down the descents, but my legs were cooked on the climbs.

It got hot out there, and I was drinking a good bit more than normal. Fortunately, we found some extra water stops. This route had more mudholes than the last iteration, with one or two being unrideable. Be sure to check out the mudhole videos linked in the comments below.

This is likely not going to be the race route, as we still need to rethink riding the ladiga trail close to the start. Keep your eyes open for a recon 4 if you’d like to join us next time.

Photos – https://www.dropbox.com/scl/fo/nzwbg2i6s2i50g7mn9vjj/h?rlkey=lw7je8l3y2qxluqmduap879en&dl=0