I was not the first person to ride on these roads. Many came before me and created routes, some of which are below, and some of below include my collaborations. Great thanks to all of those that showed me these roads, either in person or by sharing online.

Bankhead Gravel Routes

Bridge Over Troublesome Creek 66mi Route (My Personal Favorite)

Bridge Over Troublesome Creek Reverse 100mi Route

Bridge Over Troublesome Creek Reverse 75mi Route

Bridge Over Troublesome Creek Reverse Metric

Bankhead Beatdown 78mi Route

Brushy Lake Metric CCW

Kinlock Falls Metric

Pine Torch Church 30mi Route

Pine Torch Church 46mi Route

Pine Torch Church 71mi Route

Hardwick’s Addison 57mi Route

Clanton Gravel Routes

Redneck Chicken Eatin’ a Peach 85mi Gravel Route

Peach Eatin’ Chicken 57mi Gravel Route

Eat a Peach 44mi Gravel Route

Bowl of Peach Cobbler Metric Route

Jimmy’s Reneck Boulevard 40mi Route

Jimmy’s Cotton Pickin’ 60mi Route

Talladega Gravel Routes

Shake N Brake 2021 45mi Route

The Hella Hundo 100mi Route

Alabama Ass Whoopin’ 44mi Route