07/15/23 Gravel Bike Ride at Oak Mountain

Saturday, 7/15/23 – Gravel Bike Ride at Oak Mountain

Had I known the weather was going to be so perfect, I wouldn’t have rescheduled Bankhead. Having already gotten all my stuff together, I decided to ride into the park from the house, which I haven’t done in a while. I set my goal as 50mi, and just made up my route as I went.

It was great running into my buddy Geoff and riding lake together a little before splitting ways.

I brought a swimsuit to take a dip after it got hot, but it never was too bad, mid 80’s all day with a decent amount of cloud cover. Finally, leaving the park I stopped at flipside and floated in the lake, and laid in the sun to dry off, before climbing back home.

I am so lucky to be so close to Oak Mountain.

Photos – https://www.dropbox.com/scl/fo/ff335az1tcolu88zb8cf1/h?rlkey=c1bnuumx6g80aswzdsnwcvd9n&dl=0