08/13/23 Atomic Hoover Ride

Suffered through the heat on a fun route with some long lost scallywags. Was great grabbing C-Rod from the Bob’s ride and adventuring through Hoover.

I lived in Bluff Park from elementary school until junior high, and I don’t think I ever walked down to lover’s leap before. Wish I had taken a picture of the historical marker to read the story.

I made the group take a half mile detour to go see the house I grew up in, with Carl Bozeman and Rebecca Grail.

Elizabeth wanted to go back around and do all of chapel, there had been a lot of trees down, and on the way back out, we were behind some cars stalled at downed trees and turning around. I rode up to see if we could get by and stopped eight feet short of some downed electrical lines, so we ended up with a bit of excitement and an obligatory short cut.

Massive burritos and margaritas marked the end of an excellent adventure.