08/19/23 Chainbuster Racing’s the Bear 6/3 at Yonah Preserve

8/19/23 Chainbuster Racing’s the Bear – 3rd Place 6 Hour Grand Masters

The Bear 6/3 at Yonah Preserve in Cleveland, GA was Chainbuster Racing’s first endurance race of the season, and my first time at the trails at Yonah. I drove up Friday to see if I could help out before setting up camp, and ended up with time to get a pre-race lap in. I fell in love with the course. After riding it, I wouldn’t have believed the elevation was more than 100’ per mile for the fun, fast and flowy curvature of this course. There are a couple of punchy climbs, and a few technical switchbacks. In my opinion, this is the easiest endurance course we’ve ever had. 

After my pre-ride, Levi took me and Jenn to a waterfall just off the course below the switchbacks. It was a long fall of several levels, covered in soft moss and rushing white water, canopied by rhododendrons. It was beautiful back there.

Once we got back and saw that everything was taken care of, Jenn and I headed to camp at Jenny’s Creek Campground nearby. I was never fond of the idea of camping before a race, as I prefer plush amenities, but the campground was nice, and had a newly renovated bathroom building. We ran into Ursula, who was camping there also, and we watched the campground ducks together. There were a couple mallards, some ugly white ducks, and some prismatic black and green ducks who kind of ran the show. They had beautiful rainbow reflective black feathers, and their heads were the same color as the mallard’s heads. Solve a debate for us, are these mallards? See pic.

I stayed before and after the race, and highly recommend Jenny’s Creek if you are in the area. Regardless, I did pretty good on my race after camping there so that myth is blown for me. I think I turned into a camper this weekend.

It was great racing across state lines with a few local folks, Paul Blanton from the Ham and Chase and my Bro from another Saquatch, Wes Hodge from Anniston. They are supporting our first race of the season, so we are supporting the first race they are putting on, The Assault on Sunset Hill at Fort McLellan trails by sending Team Hot BoTater to the line. Make sure to check that one out, if you register tonight, you can still get a shirt. https://www.bikereg.com/the-assault-on-sunset-hill

Race day came and I was feeling good. My goal was 6 laps. After pre-riding what is my new favorite course, I was excited to get after it. I was able to keep my line, my legs and my lungs all day. I really enjoyed the flow this course had to offer. The technical and the climbs made up 20 percent of it, and I was able to peg it through the flats and the descents.

After the race was over, I was excited to find out that I got the 3rd step on the podium. It’s been a while. I’ve just been telling myself that I love racing, and I do, but it’s nice hitting goals from time to time. Thanks to Jason and Dawn for all they do to make these amazing adventures for us, and to all of the Chainbuster Family for making it happen on and off of the course. What a great weekend in the woods.