08/27/23 Oldefield Green Gable

Had a blast hanging out at Oldfield Green Gable yesterday. I got there and saw seven other cars parked with folks that had already hit the trail. Since I knew they were all gravel riding, and hoped to get a second ride in with them later, I took off to shred sylaward on the mtb. That’s a really great trail, I had an awesome time out there, and it was nice chatting with BillyandKaren Beane on the way out.

I met up with Stephen and Seana back at the Gable, and had some lunch while waiting for the rest of the group to get back. Seana wanted to ride, so we decided to ride the route out backwards, and ride back in with the rest of the group. Suffice it to say, the group had some complications. Seana and I were able to get about 15 miles of gravel in, watching to make sure everyone was taken care of.

Back at the Gable after ride 2, It was nice to visit with everybody that came out. After they left, Stephen, Seana, Devin and me all went swimming at the top of the hill with an incredible view. Afterwards we had a great time into the night at the OGG. It was an amazing adventure weekend. Next time you are looking to ride some gravel or singletrack, hit up Stephen and Seana at the Oldfield Green Gable, which offers camping, great folks to hang with and a prime venue for cycling events!