9/24/22 BBC100

Thank you to the Birmingham Bicycle Club for another amazing BBC100, the 48th actually. This was my first century, many years ago, and it’s a beauty. Rode it today with Marty, Martha and Chris, who I just rode the MS Tour de Beach with. Plus Taylor and Elizabeth, and we rode along with Emmet Hernandez, and the Huntsville crew to ride a relaxed 17.8mph 100 together. What a great day on bikes. I the I wonder what Bo is gonna do next category, I forgot my jersey today. I had a vest, but it was an arctic vest, and that thing got toasty 20 miles in. My apologies for the fashion experiment that apparently worked.

There is a video in this post of Thomas Waters and his quartet, singing I’ll Fly Away at the beginning of the ride. What a treat that was. Thomas hosted part of my adventure to the beach last week. He is such a great contributor to the cycling community, and an awesome insurance agent. You should know him.