10/9/22 Falcon Cross

It was a great day for cyclocross in Montevallo. Huge thanks to GSMR for putting on a great event, and the first ride at the new bike park being developed here.

We got lucky with perfect weather, and the whole course was dry and dusty. There were a couple of nasty climbs at the beginning. There were two great descents, and everyone loved the switchbacks. I raced the Masters 50+. I told myself I would see what the body could do. I left with the front group, and kept em a bit. My buddy Pete was right behind me. He kept with me until the last lap. I noticed RePete catching up to Pete and we kept that position until lap 3. RePete passed Pete, and when I saw it I thought he was gonna fight. I pulled a little bit more out and kept a 30 second lead on RePete for the last 2 laps.

It was also great riding with two of my Chainbuster Racing team mates, Bernd Greimel and Beth Mitchell. Great job out there to both of you. I believe Bernd was 3rd overall, and second in his category. Beth took top step in her category.

I stuck around and helped break down the course after, with Pete, RePete, and several other friends. Cyclocross racers, they can always use helping hands to break down. Thanks for a great day GSMR! Thanks Nick Guarino for the action shots.