Calendar Update

Happy New Year. First the update, then a refresher about the group.

MTB – 1/11 BUMP Ladies Maintenance Clinic, Cahaba Cycles Oak Mtn, 11/16 Oak Ass 100, Oak Mtn

The calendar itself is a pdf that I update typically every Monday, listing every cycling event I know of within a reasonable driving distance, and sometimes further if asked to share. There are many sources for the events that I share, but I would ask that any time you see a link to a cycling event that you have not seen here, please share it to the group so that it will be added the next Monday. You can always access the most current version of the calendar at

The main purpose of this group is to grow all communities and disciplines of cycling in Alabama by connecting those who are looking for rides and races to those that put them on. Conversely, here we hope that all ride and event organizers will find the crowds they need to thrive. Lets all have some amazing adventures together in 2024!